Oscillating Pad Extraction Cleaning Method Lexington KY

Oscillating Pad Extraction

We offer a unique, environmentally friendly process, called Oscillating Pad Extraction. If you are sick and tired of wet carpets that take days to dry, and spots and stains that keep coming back, then we are thrilled to introduce you to a whole new cleaning system. Oscillating Pad Extraction is a process that uses very little moisture, roughly one gallon per 400 square feet cleaned. This results in your carpet drying in a much faster time than water extraction methods. This system uses new “Green” chemistry, as well as specially designed machines. The results are amazing! Our specially designed machine features a 1725rpm random orbit with a highly absorbent, microfiber-cotton blended pad to scrub the tops and sides of the carpet fibers, encapsulating the dirt and contaminates, removing stubborn stains, spots and soil. This cleaning process keeps carpets cleaner longer. The result is a deep, safe clean, and your carpet will be dry in about an hour.

Floor Preparation

Preparation for our arrival is easy! For carpet floors, vacuum (with special attention to areas under baseboard heaters, edges and stairs). A great helpful hint is to remember to start with a clean vacuum bag (or filter in the case of a “bagless” vacuum) with unobstructed vacuum hoses.

Please move any smaller furniture and personal belongings to an uncarpeted area of the home allowing access to areas of floor that you would like us to clean. Usually, there is no problem with us moving a couple of couches or larger furniture items, cleaning behind them and replacing them if there is room. We do not move anything that may be damaged by moving (i.e. beds in tight areas and/or with wood headboards, china hutches, wired computers/desks, etc.).

Floor Cleaning Preparation
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Schedule A Cleaning

We book appointments and expect to be at your home at the stated booking time. If a situation should arise that this would change as much advance notice as possible is given. Schedule a floor cleaning appointment by calling (859) 321-2070 or by requesting a cleaning via our online form.  We provide free estimates for all residential and commercial clients.

Request A Cleaning Quote

Customer satisfaction and quality restoration has always been the backbone of our carpet cleaning company. Call (859) 321-2070 or request a floor cleaning quote.