Top 10 Reasons To Use Oscillating Pad Extraction

At Simply Clean Carpet Care, we use an Oscillating Pad Extraction machine. For over 40 years, this system has become the most advanced and innovative orbital cleaners available. The three speed technology and large orbits make cleaning easier and much faster! The products are designed to help us get the results you deserve while saving you time and money. If you want more power, speed and efficiency from your floor cleaning, Simply Clean Carpet Care is the answer.

#1. Pre-Scrubbing

We use the best machine for pre-scrubbing instead of using Hot Water Extraction. It loosens soil and spreads pre-spray like no other machine on the market.

#2. Post Padding Jobs

Oscillating Pad Extraction is often beneficial for post padding jobs, removing traffic lines. Rotary bonneting doesn’t compare to Oscillating Pad Extraction padding.

#3. Removal Of All Soils And Spots

The agitation supplied by Oscillating Pad Extraction is the way to truly remove all the soils and spots. We actually strip the fibers clean.

#4. Closed Door Cleaning

For banks or other jobs that like “closed door” security, Oscillating Pad Extraction allows us to lock up the building while we are working.

#5. Stops Wickbacks

Oscillating Pad Extraction is known for its ability to stop wickbacks on jobs where there has been a water damage ring or where beverages have been spilled.

#6. No Need For Hoses

You have some spotting to do? Long hose reaches? We can just do the area with Oscillating Pad Extraction and not have to pull hoses for small jobs or long runs.

#7. No Need For Expensive In-House Equipment

By using Oscillating Pad Extraction, there is not a need to buy expensive overpowered equipment.

#8. Have A High Rise To Do?

We don’t have to string hoses up the stairwell or up the side of the building costing you time, money and efficiency.

#9. Cleaning Options

Cleaning with low moisture utilizes what works best for any given situation being able to accommodate the customer.

#10. Quiet, Convenient and Eco-Friendly

Cleaning with Oscillating Pad Extraction allows us to work solely within the confines of the residence or business.

Customer satisfaction and quality restoration has always been the backbone of our carpet cleaning company.
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