Locally Owned & Operated Professional Carpet Cleaning in Winchester, KY

We specialize in cleaning all floor types, including carpet, tile & grout, VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), concrete, hardwood, area rugs and antique oriental rugs, upholstery, and more.

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    Green Carpet Cleaning

    Customer Satisfaction

    We are focused on providing the best customer service to our clients and strive to go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are satisfied with how clean their floors are.

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Lexington, KY

    Quality Restoration

    Cleaning and restoring floor surfaces, rugs, and upholstery is our passion. We strive to bring our customers guaranteed satisfaction with every cleaning and to help you be proud of your floors again.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Long-Term Solutions

    Unlike many other carpet cleaning methods, our unique Oscillating Pad Extraction process promises long-term solutions. Our unique floor cleaning method will keep your floors cleaner longer than with using traditional cleaning methods.

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Lexington, KY

    Affordable Services

    While our process is much more involved than traditional cleaning methods, it does not cost excessive dollars to clean and restore your surfaces. We keep costs low to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use our services. We promise to never pressure or upsell our customers with unnecessary cleaning additions.

    5-Star Reviews

    We have over 200 five-star reviews on Google for providing the best carpet cleaning and floor surface restoration services to our clients. Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy and become a customer for life.
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    Simply Clean Carpet Care

    Professional Floor & Carpet Cleaners in Winchester, KY

    Simply Clean Carpet Care specializes in cleaning all floor types, including carpet, tile & grout, VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), concrete, hardwood, area rugs and antique oriental rugs, upholstery, and more.
    We serve residential and commercial clients throughout the Winchester, KY and the surrounding counties.

    Why You Should Hire

    Simply Clean Carpet Care

    Ted Borecki | Simply Clean Carpet Care
    Simply Clean Carpet Care has a team of highly trained technicians who know how to get the toughest dirt out of any flooring surface.

    We have a unique, environmentally friendly cleaning method called Oscillating Pad Extraction (OPE). It uses very little moisture, decreasing necessary dry time overall. Our state of the art floor cleaning machine has an absorbent microfiber-cotton blended pad that deeply cleans the tops and sides of carpet fibers, completely encapsulating dirt and other contaminates to remove stubborn stains, spots and soil.

    The deep cleaning process we use at Simply Clean Carpet Care results in a cleaner floor surface that causes flooring to stay cleaner for longer than traditional methods that use excessive water — like steam cleaning.

    Our Services

    We Clean All Types of Flooring

    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    Simply Clean Carpet Care offers carpet cleaning services for commercial locations as well as in residential, such as apartments, homes, and condos.

    Carpets need to be routinely cleaned in order to maintain a fresh appearance and reduce deposits of dirt and allergens. We recommend that you get your carpets cleaned at least once per year, but you may need service more often if you have particularly high traffic areas, pets, or children in your home.

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Lexington, KY
    Hardwood flooring adds beauty and value to your home. Even though hardwood or other hard flooring can be swept daily to remove dust and dirt we recommend a deep cleaning once a year to clean away all harmful particles and residue that can eventually wear down the floor finish causing it to look dull over time. Our cleaning process will thoroughly scrub, extract the dirt and buff your hardwood to bring back its natural beauty again.
    Commercial Floor Cleaning, Lexington, KY

    It’s essential to keep your commercial property as clean as possible to maintain a good reputation and facilitate the health of your clients and customers. Simply Clean Carpet Care offers floor cleaning solutions for commercial locations throughout Winchester, KY and the surrounding areas.

    Our innovative carpet cleaning and floor restoration process will provide you with a sparkling finish that can be used within hours of completion instead of days like traditional carpet cleaning methods.

    Oriental Rug Cleaning, Lexington, KY
    Area rugs and oriental rugs add interest to the décor of homes as well as offices. They can be costly, but the value they add to your residential or commercial space is priceless.

    Rugs are often placed in the most traveled areas of a home or office; thus, they need more frequent cleaning. Simply Clean Carpet Care takes special care with rugs, cleaning them on site or at our service center to get the best outcome possible.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning
    We clean tile and stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, patios, utility rooms, family rooms, foyers, porches, and throughout the home. We also offer tile and grout surface cleaning services for commercial facilities as well.

    Tile and grout surfaces can be some of the most difficult to clean because stains and debris tend to sink into the porous surfaces. We use cleaners that penetrate deeply to remove soil and eliminate debris. We also seal the surface so that it resists microbial contamination.

    Upholstery Cleaning, Lexington, KY

    You may not realize how heavily soiled your sofa, loveseat, and chairs can become. Debris and allergens can quickly build up on these surfaces with simple everyday use.

    Simply Clean Carpet Care can remove these contaminants and leave your upholstery fresh and clean. We are able to clean and restore all types of fibers, including delicate natural textiles. The products we use are safe for children and pets. Additionally, our process does not leave residues that often attract more dirt, so your furniture will stay clean longer.


    Most Recent Reviews

    Simply Clean Carpet Care Google Reviews
    Kathy Mattone
    Five Stars Rating

    Ted and his crew are THE BEST! We have used them for years and are always so pleased. They cleaned every carpet in our house…wonderful job! Thanks so much!!

    Megan Ewalt
    Five Stars Rating
    Ted and Penny did a wonderful job! They were punctual, friendly, and worked quickly while still being very thorough. The carpets looked and smelled amazing after, I would definitely use this company again!
    Hannah Conley
    Five Stars Rating
    We were very impressed with Simply Clean! Our original plan was to replace all the carpet in our home but thought we would try professional cleaning before spending the money to put new flooring down. We are super happy with how they turned out. There were several stains they were able to totally remove and lightened dark spots in the high traffic areas considerably. They were very transparent about what the results may be and extremely quick/efficient. We will definitely be using them again soon to clean a couple more rooms!

    Carla Repass

    Five Stars Rating
    This knowledgeable team provided excellent service in a thorough and timely manner. I look forward to hiring them again.

    Tom Pabin

    Five Stars Rating
    I had my entire first floor of my commercial building cleaned and waxed. The team at Simply Clean were extremely professional, provided an excellent service, great value, and were delightful to work with. What a overall incredible service! Thank you.
    Sam Spangler
    Five Stars Rating
    They were on time and did a wonderful job. The people were very knowledgeable about the products and how to clean any stain. I would refer them to anyone I know that needs a carpet cleaning.
    Tina Durham
    Five Stars Rating
    Simply Clean was very accommodating in scheduling my appointment. Their employees were nice and friendly. They cleaned my carpet and a large area rug. Did a great job and best of all no wet soggy carpet, dried quickly. I recommend this company.

    Nancy Lewis

    Five Stars Rating
    Unbelievable service! We thought the carpet in our newly-purchased home needed to be replaced, but Simply Clean did an amazing job of getting it to look new again! Ted took time to explain their unique cleaning process with me and to make sure that I was pleased with the end result. I highly recommend this service.

    Ann Sullivan

    Five Stars Rating
    Knowledgeable and thorough. Our carpets look more clean after service than any other service we have used in the past.

    Ivan Santos

    Five Stars Rating
    Working with simply clean carpet care was very easy. I reached out and they were very responsive. I let them know what my needs were and they gave me an estimated quote via the phone. They scheduled to meet with me at 2:00 PM the following week which was within my timeline. And they were on time. They came in and they sprayed the apartment carpet to ensure that any cat pee had been lifted off of the carpet and then they proceeded to oscillating the carpet and cleaning it. I would definitely work with them again.
    Tina Schalk
    Five Stars Rating
    Fast friendly service! They went the extra mile and im very pleased with there work.

    About Us

    Simply Clean Carpet Care

    When it comes to a trustworthy carpet cleaner in Winchester, KY, Simply Clean Carpet Care and its team of highly trained technicians are here to help! Locally owned for over 25 years we have served the Winchester community and the surrounding counties with floor cleaning services for homes and businesses.

    Simply Clean Carpet Care Virtual Demo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

    Carpet Cleaning Services, Lexington, KY

    Where can I find professional carpet cleaning near me in Winchester?

    Simply Clean Carpet Care provides professional carpet cleaning services for all types of carpets. We understand the needs of individual clients, whether residential or commercial. Give us a call today for a quote or schedule an in-depth cleaning of your floors.

    Because of their durability, ease of cleaning, and luxurious appearance, carpets have been popular floor coverings for centuries. While vacuuming is frequently needed to eliminate noticeable dirt, dirt can quickly accumulate in high-traffic areas, embedding in the fibers. It’s crucial to maintain carpet quality by performing routine cleaning at least once per year, and more frequently for businesses and locations that are often used. We offer complete professional carpet cleaning services for all types of carpets. We understand the demands of our customers in both residential and commercial settings. Please contact us for a quote or to arrange an in-depth cleaning of your carpets.

    Simply Clean Carpet Care has been delivering exceptional customer care throughout the Winchester area for more than 25 years. Our carpet cleaning technology exceeds expectations and rejuvenates all kinds of materials and carpets. Simply Clean Carpet Care provides premium carpet cleaning for all kinds of residential and commercial carpets. We can handle a variety of carpets, from commercially utilized carpets to decorative carpets used in the home. Our professional carpet cleaning system can clean virtually any kind of carpet.

    Our carpet cleaning process is Oscillating Pad Extraction, which is a unique method that Simply Clean Carpet Care utilizes to clean carpets. Dirt and contaminants are removed from all sides of carpet fibers using a special machine with a highly absorbent, cotton-blend microfiber pad. This process preserves the carpet from future damage by encapsulating dirt and contaminants. Stains are removed immediately and preserved as a result.

    Using Oscillating Pad Extraction, we can clean up to 400 square feet without wasting water. Because we use so little water, your surfaces will dry much quicker than they would if they were cleaned using water extraction techniques, such as steam cleaning, which can take days to dry. Your carpet will be dry and ready to walk on in just an hour after using Oscillating Pad Extraction. Because we don’t use harmful shampoos or toxic chemicals, our process is environmentally friendly and saves water. As carpets dry, they won’t become dirt magnets.

    Is It Possible to Remove Set-In Carpet Stains?

    Our Oscillating Pad Extraction method is specially designed to trap contaminants on the surface and deep in carpets. A scrubbing pad then removes the contaminants and vacuums them away. Carpet fibers dry rapidly without the use of harmful chemicals frequently utilized by professional carpet cleaning firms. When the carpets are utilized before they are completely dry, they may attract more dirt.

    Is having your carpets cleaned the solution to allergies?

    That’s correct! Carpets collect dust, dander from pets, dirt, and allergens. When your carpets are properly cleaned, those contaminants are eliminated. Oscillating Pad Extraction removes the debris that is embedded deep within your carpet and traps it in the soft pads used by our equipment.

    How frequently should I have my carpets cleaned?

    It is suggested that most residential homes have professional carpet cleaning services at least once per year. However, high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms may require more frequent attention. If anyone in your family has severe allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues, you should consider having your carpets cleaned every few months. It is crucial to clean commercial premises that have a lot of foot traffic, as dirt can accumulate quickly. Dirt tracked in by 1,000 people in a month can amount to as much as 24 pounds. Without proper maintenance, carpet longevity and the health of visitors to your establishment may be jeopardized.

    What should I do to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning?

    Simply Clean Carpet Care will not move any furniture or electronics that could potentially break or be damaged. To keep your carpets in top shape, it is important to move computer desks, televisions, China cabinets, and antiques to an uncarpeted area or the garage or basement. We can clean behind couches and large furniture items when we arrive. If you are unsure how to prepare your carpeted rooms for our arrival, please contact our office for assistance.

    How can I maintain my carpets between professional cleanings?

    Vacuuming carpets daily and cleaning up any spots that occur is the best way to maintain your carpet. You should consider getting an upright carpet cleaner or a handheld vacuum if you have kids or animals and want to keep your carpets clean. Between professional cleanings, these machines may be used. However, you won’t get the same carpet experience as you would from a professional cleaning unless you get one. Simply Clean Carpet Care can schedule an appointment for you today! Our skilled technicians are prepared to give you the finest service. Your carpet will look just as good as when it was first installed after you receive our professional cleaning services in Winchester, KY. To receive a quote or set up an appointment, call us today.

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    If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service in Winchester, KY or the surrounding area, call Simply Clean Carpet Care. We have been serving the community for over 25 years. Our business is locally owned and operated with highly trained technicians who can ensure your floors will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but they will exceed your expectations.

    Call us today at (859) 321-2070 or complete our online form to get a free quote.