VCT Cleaning in Lexington KY

Have Your Businesses Tile Floors Looking Brand New

Simply Clean Carpet Care is your one-stop-shop for all of your flooring needs. Have your tile floors lost their shine? Are they looking a little dirty and worn out? We can help! Our professional technicians specialize in a step by step process that will clean, strip, and buff your tile floors, giving them back the luster and shine they had when they were brand new. Did you know that dirty floors in a business tells a story? The floors are the first thing that customers see when they enter a business establishment. Dirty, scratched, and dull floors take away some professionalism from a business. If a business takes care of its floors and strives to look and be more professional, the customer will see it. That customer will know that if a business takes care of its floors, then they will take care of their customers.

Do you know the work that goes into stripping, waxing, and buffing a floor? Most people don’t even pay much attention to their floors unless there are spills, dirt, or just overall grunge that needs to be cleaned up. However, in a larger environment, like a factory or a school, floors get a lot of foot traffic and over time the tile floor gets scuffed up, scratched, and just plain dirty. The time has come to call the professionals at Simply Clean Carpet Care. With our step by step floor cleaning process Simply Clean Carpet Care can get your tile floors looking like new again.

VCT Floor Cleaning Process

The first step is stripping off all of the pre-existing layers of wax buildup from the tile flooring. Depending on the business, this will be how many layers will need to be stripped. If the tile floor has been there many years there could be numerous layers of wax. If we are stripping the floors of a school for example there may be eight or more layers, whereas an office building may only have two or three layers. The deep clean is the next step where the tile floors are washed and scrubbed clean. Soon after the deep clean the floors will be ready for the wax applications. Based on the type of business and level of foot traffic, the preference of how many layers of wax to apply will be the customer’s choice. It usually takes around thirty minutes for each layer to dry so the next can be applied. Then comes the buffing where the newly waxed floors get their beautiful shine. Whether your business is a school, an office building, or a factory, Simply Clean Carpet Care should be your number one choice. Our skilled and trained technicians will not only have your floors looking like new again, but will make sure they are protected from everyday wear and tear.

It is important to keep your tile floors cleaned and maintained by having them stripped, scrubbed, waxed, and buffed on a regular basis. Putting down some mats and sweeping and mopping will also help keep the shine a bit longer. You will know when it’s time to call the professionals, when the tile flooring starts to look dull and dirty. The more time between cleanings compromises the floor’s ability to protect itself from deeper scratches, and damage from moisture or spills. After Simply Clean Carpet Care restores your floors back to its beautiful shine, keep your floors maintained by taking advantage of our maintenance program, which allows us to come to your business on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your budget. A continued floor maintenance program with Simply Clean Carpet Care will always have your tile floors looking their best for your customers. Not only will regular tile cleaning keep your floors looking their absolute best but it will protect the life of your floors as well.

The Benefits Of On Going VCT Cleaning

The benefits of having your floors maintained on a regular basis are obvious. You will have nice, clean, and shiny floors. Your floors will be more durable and healthier. The layers of wax will continue to protect against scratches and the dullness that comes with continuous heavy traffic. And of course your customers that walk on your well maintained floors will be impressed. After our trained and experienced technicians at Simply Clean Carpet Care are finished stripping, scrubbing, waxing, and buffing, the years added to the lifespan of your tile floor will prevent the future possible expense of replacing the floors which is a huge expense. If you want to be proud of your floors again call us at Simply Clean Carpet Care in Lexington, Kentucky for all your flooring needs. We can help!

Customer satisfaction and quality restoration has always been the backbone of our VCT cleaning company.
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